Gaming isn’t just for Nerds

“You can’t say you enjoy that videogame! You’ve never played it!”


I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been given a weird look or vehemently told an opinion over the fact that I like certain videogames but haven’t actually played them.

The unique thing about videogames is that they are like playable movies. Games like Legend of Zelda, Bendy and the Ink Machine, and Until Dawn have great storylines what are broken up with action and puzzles. Because of the way thay are created, these games can be enjoyed by even if you just watch an automated playthrough. And because we live in the amazing era of The Future, YouTube is full of Let’s Plays of any videogame you want to watch and those who upload the videos also give an extra layer of experience and fun depending on who you watch.

Don’t get me wrong, if I could play the game, I would. My issue is that I lack the necessary finger movement to play these games properly. And before you try to say, “You just need practice!” I have! I spent hours playing Ocarina of Time only to slowly develop a hatred for the game and my lack of gaming skills. I couldn’t look at the game for the longest amount of time even though it is my all time favorite plot of a videogame. I am not willing to do something just because someone told me I wasn’t having the full experience. I may not be able to comment about how the game feels when you play it but I can comment about everything else. It’s like watching a modern movie in black and white. Sure, you may not be able to comment about the color choices but you still experience all the good parts.

So, am I going to support these videogames by buying merch and posting about them on social media even though I haven’t rescued Zelda, hid from Bendy, or accidentally killed Ashley?

You better believe I am.

Rant Over.


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