Tiny Town Murder

So party games lovers rejoice….blank media games has released something that will make you never have to leave the house again. Town of Salem. It’s an online game where players are assigned roles in the town- either as a good person like a sheriff or body guard or a member of…you guessed it…the mafia. So the game is mafia with people you’ve never met. Challenging, I know.

The game is available for free on their website or paid on Steam which gives you slight cosmetic perks (although in my opinion the free game is all you need and you’re fine without paying for it)

Only advice I have is the worst kind of human is the one who throws the whole game and tells everyone who the other mafia members are when they’re dying. Those people can perpetually step on legos. Good riddance. Don’t be that guy.


Luna and I have spent a few hours playing against each other in the office. If you can keep your poker faces on while playing you will have a lot of fun. But truth be told it’s hard. Unless you have a silent keyboard, you can hear when the other person is typing and it creates a slight disadvantage. Otherwise it’s great to be a bad guy and kill your friends! Get a group (or go solo) and wreck a little mayhem.



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