The Spy who Dumped Me (and didn’t disappoint)

Ok, I swear that I don’t go out to see movies all the time but this was calling my name when I first saw the trailor for it.
The movie is about a girl who finds out her boyfriend is a spy after he dumps her via text (seriously, how dare he 😒) and it is up to her and her “too much” friend to save the world.
I frankly enjoyed this film. It’s hysterical to watch these two besties try to figure out the world of spys and sabotage while also remaining their quirky selves. Not too much of a head scratcher, it certainly is one of those movies you sit back and just let the story wash over you. A great movie to watch with your bestie and glance at each other while thinking “that would be us”.
Be warned: there is a reason why this movie is rated R and includes: violence, swearing, crude humor, and nudity.
Happy Watching!

As a follow up: Hi! Incensum here! I also went to watch the movie, and had a few things to add!

The movie is firstly, a great example of timing in film. Many of the jokes landed because of the perfect timing of said joke. The acting was spectacularly believable, and the characters were likable. Went into the film thinking ‘oh, this’ll be another campy spy movie like all the rest,’ came out loving it. I highly recommend it, but do offer the same warning about rating.
Two thumbs up!


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