Dial M for Mabel

I’ve always wanted to watch an Alfred Hitchcock but I really didn’t have an idea about which to start with besides “Psycho” and I’m not basic so this is the result.
The plot is about a man who creates the perfect murder plot in order to kill his cheating wife but the murder goes sour and the man has to spend the rest of the movie trying to work with what he has.
I am a decent fan of murder mysteries and constantly listen to the podcast “Unsolved Murders” so it was very interesting to see the film unfold before me because, from the very beginning of the movie, you know the entire murder plot within the first 15 minutes. The way that Alfred directed each scene is gripping and I actually was holding my breath to see if the man is ever caught as he has constant brushes with the law as they investigate the scene of the crime.
Because it was a stageplay before it made it to the big screen, the entire movie works within the confines of the murder house with one exception so you can feel the stress that the man constantly faces as you watch him delicately weaves his murder.
You really need to pay attention to every detail to this movie so I would not suggest watching this as a “relaxation” movie.


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