Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Now, most of you are going to be like “I have no idea what that movie is and, more to the point, who you are” but that’s ok, I’ll get to my intro later!
For now I’m going to introduce this wonderful Chinese film that was nominated for 10 different awards after its release in 2000.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a martial arts movie that has many subplots to it but is grossly boiled down to: Man wants to renounce his art, old enemy returns with prodigy and now man wants save the prodigy. Since it’s originally in Mandarin, the movie graciously offers the option for either subbed or dubbed, which are both well done in each respect but I had to watch it in dubbed because the visuals are incredible.
The main reason why I wanted to watch this film was because of how often it was mentioned when people talked about visuals and I was not disappointed what so ever. The martial art is flawless, the costumes are beautiful, the flow from one shot to another is gorgeous!
If you do plan to watch it, do be warned that there is a sex scene right in the middle that adds nothing to the plot.
Happy Watching,


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