Endgame Spoiled?

Theory and Spoiler City

I’ve seen Captain Marvel and I’m ready to spin some theories about Avengers Endgame! So potential spoilers for every part of the MCU. You have been warned.

While my Captain Marvel Theory was a bit outlandish and far fetched I think my Endgame Theory is much more grounded in what we know and have seen so far. Not to mention LEGO “leaking” the sets, Pepper Potts not returning, the IMDb cast page, and the contracts ending for some major MCU stars combined with the few trailers we have tell us a lot.

So without further ado let’s get down to it.

Endgame will focus on two things, avenging the fallen and trying to get them back. For those who have watched infinity war that seems pretty obvious. They are the Avengers after all.

As we last saw them Tony and Nebula are the only survivors on Titan. They have extremely limited resources being so far from earth. The ship Tony got to Titan on was destroyed. The only ship left is probably what’s left of a battle damaged Benatar. Nebula would be the obvious choice as pilot since this is Tony’s first time being in space (not counting the missile in Avengers 1). In the trailers it appears that the duo get stranded. From loose reports online all the footage we have seen is from the first half hour of a three hour movie.

While the duo is stuck the rest of the Avengers (Captain America, War Machine, Black Widow, Thor, and Hulk) have returned to Avengers compound in Upstate New York. Rocket is strangely missing from the cast. Having only met Thor before I’m not surprised if he goes off on his own to try to find Groot. We see at the end of Captain Marvel that the remaining Avengers have managed to get their hands on Fury’s PDA. Black Widow seems to have become the de facto leader since the dusting of Fury and Tony’s disappearance. Captain Marvel arrives in search of Fury and probably learns of the dusting. She has been off stopping the Kree/Skrull War for the past 30 years and helping other planets. The Earth team gets word from Tony and help save him and Nebula. Specifically Black Widow, Rocket, Thor, and a very depressed Hawkeye. This information is curtsey of the new LEGO sets. Hawkeye probably loses his entire family to “the snap” and has since become a very dark vigilante in search of revenge and answers.

After the entire team is finally on earth, Antman escapes the Quantum Realm and meets up with the team. Rocket, Tony, Scott, and Bruce come up with a way to use the Quantum Realm to time travel. The team wants to put together an infinity gauntlet before Thanos does or at the very least try to destroy the infinity stones before they are completely assembled. Captain America, Tony, Scott, and Rocket travel into the past to try to prevent the future.

Why these four? First I think Rocket because of the suit we see him in, in the trailers. It looks very reminiscent of his comic suit which could be before he joined the Guardians. The other three we have seen in early set photos wearing a small device on their hands that could be related to time travel. IMDb further confirms my suspicion of at least Tony and Steve time traveling in having casted Ty Simpkins again as Harley Keener, the kid from Iron Man 3 and Frank Grillo as Crossbones from Civil War and Winter Solider. LEGO goes on to solidify Tony going back to Iron Man 3 with the “Hall or Armors”. We see one specific suit we haven’t seen before or since that movie, the blue heavy lifting suit, Mark 38, (or as I call it HulkBuster Jr). We know Tony goes back in his current suit (Mark 50) because once again LEGO told us.

The time travel goes on because Tilda is set to reprise her role as the Ancient One. We can guess this is sometime in the 70s because of the extras on IMDb. This is well before Doctor Strange but presumably she still has the time stone to make this time travel easier.

We also have rumors of Katherine Langford casted as Scott Lang’s teenage daughter. There is some possibility that Katherine and Ty become heroes in the future and that’s why Antman is part of the time traveling team. We get to go to the past and the future in attempts to stop the snap from ever happening.

That’s about where my theory ends. I’m not really sure what act 3 will be. From the LEGOs I surmise that the final battle will be at Avengers compound. We haven’t seen much about it and that makes sense. The Russo Brothers are being very quiet about it.

With Spider-Man 2 coming out in July we also know everyone who was dusted comes back. We see Peter and Fury alive and well post Infinity War. Sadly it appears Tony doesn’t make it out of Endgame. We don’t see him mentoring Peter at all and that is depressing.

I’m about out of ideas on what happens in Endgame. But thanks for reading.


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