The Death of Batman

Batman 2021

No that’s not the title of a new movie or comic series, thought it definitely could be. It’s the release date of the next Batman movie. The news finally broke this week that DC will be making another live action Batman movie. The REAL news is that Ben Affleck will not be continuing his role as Batman from the current DCEU.

This isn’t much of a surprise. Rumors have been going around of his departure from the franchise since Batman Vs. Superman. Back in September I wrote an article about the departure of Henry Cavill as Superman and now apparently the other shoe has fallen.

The Justice League has fallen.

I’m not devastated. I think this could be good for the DCEU. With Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad 2 looking to be promising and maybe a much needed soft reboot to the franchise. Now we can finally have the DC heroes we want, because to be honest everything except Wonder Woman has disappointed me.

Only time will tell


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