Time to Smash

Super Smash Brothers is a series that resonates with a large fan base. It’s a fighter game, with an occasional storyline, and is casual enough to be played as a party game.

The release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate in late December 2018 was a huge victory on Nintendo’s part. The fans of the series had been hounding Nintendo to release a port or new game to the Switch since the switch had come out nearly two years earlier. The resulting game however, was more than what was expected. The game clocks in with 74 baseline fighters, as well as 6 DLC characters scheduled for release, as well as an absolutely MASSIVE storyline mode, 876 songs, and 1300 spirits to collect. It was a beast of a game, and it was a blast to finish.

When I say finish, I mean the story mode. I am not Jirard the Completionist, and it took even him up until this last week to fully complete it. I’m talking about the story mode.

To say that this game dwarfs any other in the franchise is an understatement. Everything has been streamlined and optimized, almost every previous style of fighting returned, and overall, the game was easy for newbies to pick up.

I will have to say that the release schedule for the DLC is disheartening, and the online was absolutely atrocious before the patch (and it still isn’t fully fixed), but most games have a few issues, and these are either mostly fixed or trivial.

Overall, SSBU is a testimony to the hard work and dedication of its creators, and a blast to play.

– Incensum

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