The Death of YouTube

PewDiePie v. T-Series

Don’t ignore this just yet. I’m not another crazy fanboy who is willing to rent out billboards to advertise for PewDiePie. I’m not particularly a fan of his. I never have been.

But what he stands for as the “King of YouTube” is extremely important.

The age of creators and subsequently YouTube as we know it is over.

Why so dramatic? Before I get into why it matter I guess I should go into who PewDiePie and T Series are.

PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber who for a very long time has had the highest subscriber count to date, around 79 million. He is known for his gameplays and strange sketches. At times even bordering into the controversial. He is a self made internet star that has only achieved such success by his own hard work. All that aside he has remained the “King of YouTube” for years.

T Series has now dethroned him. T Series is a Bollywood based company that mass produces cheesy music videos. T Series is a corporate organization that has monopolized on mediocre content.

So why does it matter?

PewDiePie was a self made success story. He didn’t start with backers or money. He started with a strange sense of humor and Minecraft. T Series is a corporation with backers and money and a total lack of respect for the average creator. It’s become less about content and more about the almighty paycheck.

For a while YouTubers thought having contracts with big companies was a good idea. And for a short time it was. But reality has set in. Names like Logan and Jake Paul have destroyed the opportunities for young stars to get sponsored. Companies like Disney used to want to partner with young creators but that’s all changed. Instead companies like Defy Media (See have completely taken over channels and turned them into commercial money factories.

But with the realization that companies can fall apart at a moments notice the young sponsored star has no place to go.

T Series is proving to corporations that they can make a profit from useless content. If enough money is poured into YouTube, a profit can be turned.

So long to the small creator and YouTube.

I’ll see you geeks and nerds later!


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