Let’s do a Dance

The first thing that jumps to into my mind quite literally during the holiday season is Ballet.

It is often a Thanksgiving tradition for most families to go see the soaring grace of Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker”. With it’s whimsical story and often colorful backdrops, “The Nutcracker” is the perfect choice for family fun.

Unlike the other artforms that I will be talking about later in this series, ballet is probably the most dangerous classical art with it’s lifts, jumps, and going on pointe so the etiquette is a bit different and more for the protection of the performers then just for tradition sake.

While in the audience:

Like any other performance or important event that requires silence, any noise making devices should be turned off at all times during the performance. The performers don’t mind if people converse amongst each other just do be aware of the people around you.

If, for any reason, you must leave the performance early to do something, please be aware that you typically will not be allowed back in until the intermission which is 15-20 minutes long. This is generally done for the safety of the dancers, since doors can let in unwanted light from the hall or create a sound that could be distracting.

When to Clap:

Clap when a scene ends, when the show ends, and when a performer takes a bow. Should you clap for each performer? You should! They have spent hours making sure that this performance is perfect and even some dance more then two parts which means costume changes and that is not easy. If you couldn’t possibly clap for the length of the curtain call, save your claps for the important role characters (e.g. Clara, The Nutcracker, Suger Plum Fairy, etc…)

It takes years of practice, discipline, and dedication for Ballerinas and Ballerinos to do the leaps, turns, and lifts that we, the audience, get to enjoy. When a dancer performs a lift or does multiple turns in a row, begin to clap to show the appreciation to their dedication.

Ballet is a unique art experience that combines the beauty of sound with the power of the human body. It is something that everyone should try to watch at least once. Even I, who cannot for the life of me understand why standing on your tip toes is considered “graceful”, am always left floored by these performances.



I am certainly not the authority on this and if a dancer would like to comment more on this I would appreciate it!

Photo credit: @gracekoznarek

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