The Deaths of Batman and Superman?

It looks like the DCEU is officially over. Reports are coming out that Henry Cavill is done playing Superman. The DCEU consists of five movies currently out and only one of those is worth watching. Having a 20% success rate compared to the MCUs blockbusters production factory must be hitting the Warner Brothers execs pretty hard. WB is reportedly “shifted its focus to a Supergirl movie, which will be an origin story featuring a teen superheroine.” According to the Hollywood Reporter. The big blue boy scout defiantly doesn’t fit the “teen” demographic.

I have to admit, most of us around the office aren’t surprised. Cavill has proven himself a successful actor in other movies and is now staring in the Witcher Netflix series. The DCEU hasn’t been that good and honestly needs better casting. The dark grit of the Snyderverse has never resonated well with me. Marvel has been producing action movies that have gravitas and comedy (Infinity War, Black Panther, even Homecoming). The DCEU has always felt like someone who skimmed a couple wikis on DC comics and tried to make movies from it. Only Wonder Woman has been any good. I’m not disappointed to see the DCEU finally be put to rest.

But not all hope is lost Aquaman comes out in December, Shazam next May, Wonder Woman 1984 comes out late 2019, and the Flash is supposed to start filming in the spring. Even without a shared universe I feel that DC can create strong movies. And maybe with the help of Flashpoint we can see the Justice League reunite again.



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