Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Not all heroes wear capes. Some are college professors that wear a fedora and carry a whip. You probably already know who I’m talking about, Indiana Jones! Indy is the star of the next few weeks of our #throwbackthursday series. ⠀

By the same studio that brought you Star Wars (Lucas Films) and the mind of Steven Spielberg comes an action movie that stands out. It has romance, adventure, treasure, and nazi fighting! Harrison Ford plays the smart and dashing rogue archeologist Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones who is out to seek the truth and do so in style. A trilogy (just. A. Trilogy.) the whole family can enjoy!⠀

If the cheesy trailer doesn’t sell you, well I’m not done. The first Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark was the first in a series that followed Indy on his adventures to save priceless treasures and protect the past from the nazis and evil soviets. ⠀

Raiders came out in 1981. The story is based in 1936 and follows Indy as he tries to find the Ark of the Covenant as talked about in the Bible. On his way to find the Ark Indy must fight off Nazis and try to stay one step ahead of them the entire time. ⠀

Raiders started a franchise that has long been a staple of action adventure movies. Most people have seen and love the trilogy. Small side note, I know there is a forth Indy but I absolutely hate it and it wasn’t made in the 80s so it doesn’t count. Deal with it. I digress, Harrison Ford does an amazing job playing a rogue character that you really come to like. He is brash, charismatic, and what most young boys want to be. I love this series if you couldn’t tell. Well most of it. Overall I give Raiders a solid 7/10⠀


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